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We have selected for you unique properties suitable for privates and investors (Hotel investors and Land investors). We are mainly dedicated to foreign clients.

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The new investment law (4146/2013) is for all kind of real estate, propertiesand investments in Greece like : Hotels for sale, Condo hotels for sale, Resorts for sale, Plots of land for sale, Private islands for sale, Villas for sale, Houses for sale, Homes for sale, Holiday houses for sale and many more.

The benefits that you'll have, depend from the kind of the property and the location, that you are going to buy or invest to. In addition, third-country citizens (non-EU citizens) and their family members, who buy property in Greece, the value of which exceeds 250,000 Euros, may obtain residence permits. View more

Tourism and Real Estate are key areas of the Greek economy. The reasons that make Greece an attractive place for investment are its membership in the Euro currency zone, the easy access to the major emerging markets in the Balkans, its productive and well trained workforce, the modern infrastructure, the strong tourist presence with more than 17 million tourists annually, and the unique living and working environment.

We could especially say that the islands are Greece's main morphological feature and an integral part of the country's culture and tradition. The Greek territory is comprised of 6,000 Greek islands and islets that are scattered throughout the Aegean and Ionian Seas, of which only 227 islands are inhabited, which is a unique phenomenon for the European continent.

I have mentioned on several occasions in my earlier published articles that tourism is the anteroom for Real Estate. The purchase (to buy) of real estate is directly linked to the development of tourism since the prerequisite for the purchase of real estate is that the prospective buyers have initially visited our country as tourists.

According to the official statistics recently published tourism grows up very fast each year. Greece is in first place during summer as the most popular destination for many tourists from different countries and especially Russian Tourists. The population of Russian Tourists grows up 30%-50% every year.

This is a great opportunity for the buyer to have a property in Greece today and after 2-3 years to sell it in higher price. You must notice that properties are like stock market and the selling prices are very low right now. But this doesn't happen to hotels (4 starand 5 star beachfront, waterfront, seafronthotels). Actually, the selling prices in hotels are low but they grow up cause the tourism.

Come and enjoy the 320 sunny days of this part of the Mediterranean!.. Greece is one of the safest and sunniest European countries.


Domus inc., Antonio Kollaros



Residence permits to Third-Country Citizens

The Law' Creation of a Development Friendly Environment for Strategic and Private Investments' (4146/2013) of the Ministry for Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, facilitates the residence of investors in Greece through the granting of residence permits for executives of Strategic Investment projects.

In addition, third-country citizens (non-EU citizens) and their family members, who buy property in Greece, the value of which exceeds 250,000 Euros, may obtain residence permits.

Residence permits in Greece

A) Residence Permits - Strategic Investments

In the case of investments classified as Strategic Investments, under a decision of the Interministerial Committee for Strategic Investments for the inclusion in the process of Law 3894/2010 (Hellenic Government Gazette Issue 204), residence permits may be issued to a legal representative of the investor and to up to 10 additional persons, for whom a residence permit is a prerequisite for the unimpeded implementation of an investment plan.

Such persons may be accompanied by members of their families, as specified under paragraph 1 of article 54 of Law 3386/2005, as well as by domestic workers, provided that an applicant has disabilities necessitating personal assistance.

Upon their own request, applicants may be granted a personal residence permit that is renewed or/and expires concurrently with the residence permit of the sponsor (the legal representative).

B) Residence Permits - Real Estate Owners in Greece

By decision of the General Secretary of Decentralised Administration, a residence permit for five (5) years is issued to a third-country citizen, if he/she has obtained a visa, if required, and legally owns, either personally or through a legal entity whose shares are wholly owned by him/her, property in Greece, or has, at minimum, a ten-year time-sharing contract under Law 1652/1986: 'Time-Sharing and Regulations on Related Issues' (A' 167) as applicable, or a 10-year lease of hotel accommodations or furnished tourist accommodation (houses) in tourist accommodation complexes according to Article 8, par. 2 of Law 4002/2011 (A' 180).

The aforementioned residence permit may be renewed for the same duration (five years), if the property remains unchanged in its legal ownership status as described above and the contracts of ownership remain in effect, and other statutory conditions detailed above are met.

The minimum value of the property and the contract price of the time-share leases and the leases for hotel accommodations or tourist furnished accommodations (houses) in tourist accommodation complexes, according to this Article, shall be two hundred fifty thousand (250,000) Euro.

By joint decision of the Ministers of Interior and Finance, the value of the above-mentioned property may increase or decrease, and will be determined in accordance with the stated prices of the sale documents of the properties, or leases as per their contracts, or as determined by ministerial objective values.

The period of residence, under these specific conditions, is not taken into account in cases of granting citizenship to said residents.

The aforementioned third-country citizen (property owner) may be accompanied by the members of his/her family, as specified under paragraph 1 of Article 54 of Law 3386/2005. Upon their own request, family members may be granted a personal residence permit that is renewed and/or expires concurrently with the residence permit of the sponsor (property owner).

The residence permits do not allow a right to employment of any type.